5 Ideas For Sensory Play

1- Rainbow Rice 


All you need is raw rice, food coloring and ziplock bags.  I put some rice in each bag and added few drops of food color, mixed it then got it out of the bag and left it to dry for an hour. Then I mixed the colored rice together and put it in a bucket. Voila, you have your first sensory bin. You can hide toys inside for your little ones to dig their hands in and find them.


2- Cloud Dough 


I tried two recipes for the cloud dough and liked them both equally . I mixed flour with baby oil till I got a sand-like texture. I tried to color it with food coloring but the color wasn’t very prominent. Another time I did it with cooking oil. I added one cup of oil to 7 cups of flour. The baby oil makes the texture softer. You can keep it to play with it later for a long while as long as no water touched it. 20170414_114249

3- Finger Paints


Endless fun and endless creativity.


4- Salt On Colored Paper.


I colored a paper and poured salt on it. Then we started to draw on it with our fingers to reveal the pattern underneath.

5- Sand


This is Nature’s gift to us. Sadly it may not be available whenever we want it but whenever you get a chance to let your children play in the sand don’t miss it.  You can collect shells or built a sand castle (which I never ever managed to do). The possibilities are endless

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