Inspiring Mompreneur no 1: Heba Abou El Eid

Being a mother and an entrepreneur is no piece of cake. While starting and running your own business requires devotion and hard work, being a mother may be one of the most challenging jobs ever. Nonetheless, there are inspiring mompreneurs outthere who mastered the art of multitasking and they created flourishing businesses. As a way to celebrate Mother’s Day,  we want to cherish those fantastic mothers.

Therefore, from now on till the end of the month, we will publish daily an interview with a fantastic mompreneur, so you get to learn from her success secrets.

Mompreneur No 1 :  Heba Abou El Eid

Founder of “The Mommy Club” group on Facebook.

If you are a young mother who is active on Facebook you must have heard of, or have been a member of “The Mommy Club”. I can’t count the times I felt clueless and immediately posted my questions on “The Mommy club” to find endless helpful answers in a short time. It’s interesting to know that the launch of this successful group was completely unplanned.
When Heba got married and was soon pregnant she couldn’t help but feel stressed and under pressure. Having been diabetic since her childhood and she was one of the first among her friends to get pregnant, she was desperately looking for answers for so many qwuestions.

The way the “The Mommy Club” started was unplanned. The idea started as a small group for new mothers on WhatsApp to share their experiences. Then Heba felt she needed more support. “My son was extremely demanding. Even though I read about everything related to this phase and I thought I was prepared, I discovered I wasn’t. You can never be prepared! And no matter how amazing and supportive the people around you may be, you feel that no one understands what you are going through except another mother during the same phase. I remember the day I started ‘The Mommy Club’ very well, it was on May 17th 2015 at 3 am. I was feeling exhausted and drained. My aim was to start an experience-sharing group, where mothers support each others’ in a sophisticated and non-judgmental way”, explained Heba.
Heba and her friend Haidy were the group admins. They never had in mind that this group can grow into a business. Two months after they launched it, they started selling discount cards. At first they just wanted help the group members get discounts in certain places. But how will they make sure that people were truly members of the group? The card was the proof. So that’s how it started.
The main challenges that Heba faces is that its a 24 hours job. “I am expected to be aware of what is going on. I love to help. I feel it’s a social obligation. It’s as if I took an oath. So I go through each post. I wish people understand the amount of effort it takes. I struggle to find time for me and for my family. I used to take my son with me to meeting when he was only 4 months old. It’s not easy to balance”, added Heba.
Isn’t it amazing how one mother’s struggle ended up inspiring thousands of other mothers ? Thumbs up to this stunning Mommy and stay tuned for the Mommy Club mobile application.


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