Inspiring Mompreneur no 5: Pacinthe Badran

Mompreneur no 5: Pacinthe Badran

Fashion Designer and Founder of MaisonPB. Certified stylist and the blogger behind “Got it from my Mama”

Having been working in the fashion field for almost 10 years, Pacinthe opened her atelier last year, when her baby boy was only 1 year old. It was about time and she was ready to take her career to the next level.
With a unique style that stands out, you will always spot her in a bold outfit with a vibrant look. But how does she manage to perfect her appearance, come up with new designs and continue her job as a stylist, while keeping up with the demands of a toddler?
“Well I know and believe that if I look good I feel good. And it’s a cycle that affects everyone around me. I like to have fun with my style and that reflects mostly on my mood and how I carry myself. So lets say it’s my way of expressing myself.” She answered, adding that there isn’t a fixed way regarding how she handles things. But she always tries to give and to do the best she can. “I remember to breathe every once in a while knowing that I cannot perfect anything. But knowing that by giving it my all puts me in a piece of mind”, added Pacinthe as she pinpointed the importance of staying true to herself and what she stands for.


The real struggle of course was juggling between managing her business, being a mom and a wife all at the same time. Even thought she is not the ultimate planner, she always makes sure that there’s enough time to spend with her boy.

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, according to Pacinthe, it is crucial not to give up easily. Nothing comes easily. Determination is key and most of all: getting the joy out of it. Other wise it’ll be useless if you’re not happy.


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