Inspiring Mompreneur no 7: Nehal Leheta

Mompreneur no 7: Nehal Leheta

Interior Designer, Co Founder of Design Point. Author of ‘Authentic Egyptian Cooking’

Nehal Leheta, is an interior designer and the Co Founder of ‘Design Point’. Interestingly, she is also the author of ‘Authentic Egyptian Cooking’ that was published in English, German and Arabic. She is married to Abou, the singer and composer.


As a working mother, every challenge took her a step closer to be truly independent and self-sufficient. “I am a real feminist, I believe a woman can do anything. Both men and women are equally privileged. If a man can take care of a woman, kids and the house , she can definitely do the same. If she puts it in her mind, she can do it” assured Nehal.

Let’s talk about time management. How does she manage to excel in a high demanding job while being there for her family? The aspect that enables her to achieve more during the day is that she starts the day early when her son wakes up for school. “I sleep very early. 10:30 maximum to have the kind of energy I need. I sleep whenever I get the chance. Also it got easier and easier when my son started school. We start early he goes to school and I go to work. I leave work at 4 sharp, knowing that after school I only get to spend 4 hours with my son before he sleeps. It’s very organized ”, she explained.

Project by Design Point 

She writes down the things she has to so and makes lists , she prefers to get done with most of the chores she has to do by noon. When she gets a nice idea she immediately writes it in a note so she wouldn’t forget it. “ To divide my time, I put for myself a percentage of how much time I want to put in my work and how much time I want to dedicate for my home and family. The 50% decision is an illusion. You can never achieve it. In order to have a healthy home, you have to acknowledge you priorities. And put the percentage and work accordingly. We have to be honest, of why you need to work, how much money you need to cover your expenses. Also learning to delegate is key. Investing in your employees is crucial. The most important things is to get things done. You have to find a way. ” she added.

Project by Design Point

What about you relationship with your son?

If you take life as a journey with your kid, you will take every experience as a chance to make memories. Being a good idol is important. Everyday through my work I see something new and learn more, I like to share what I learn with my son. It’s very important to me that we do things together. We cook together. And remember, to be a good mother, you have to be happy“
Finally we asked Nehal about her formula to balance. “Don’t balance. You can never find balance. It will never balance… but life will manage… You have to accept this.

Photo by Khaled Fadda 

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