Healthy Apple and Prunes Cinnamon Rolls

Ramadan is over and you probably still have some nuts and dried fruits that you haven’t consumed yet, you can use some prunes to make this delicious and nutritious dessert for your little ones. Here’s a mouthwatering recipe by Raghda El Hennawy, a passionate mother who is helping other parents feed their kids healthy food.

Here’s the recipe:


Healthy bread dough:
•2 cups oat flour
•1 cup greek or plain yogurt
•1 Tbl spn powdered milk

Method: Add all ingredients together and mix well until it forms a dough


•1 Whole Red Apple pealed and chopped
•1 Tbl spn cinnamon
•10 Prunes (Karasya) Pits removed and soaked in water for 15 mins
•2 Tbl spns Peanut butter (Any nut butter will do).

Method: Blend apple, cinnamon and prunes in a blender or kitchen machine until it forms a spreadable pureé.

1- Knead the dough over a flour surface and flatten it in a rectangular shape until it is almost 1-2 cms thick

2- Place one layer of peanut butter spread on top of the dough then another a layer of the purée mix



3-Roll the dough so that it looks like a cylinder then cut into a 2 cm circles

4- Place them all in an oven tray brushed with oil or butter

5- Place in a preheated oven for 20 mins

If you wish to add a glaze

Healthy glaze:
2 tsps cream cheese
1 tsp honey
Some milk until you reach the perfect consistency.

For more delicious and healthy recipes for kids follow Raghda on Instagram . 


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