Heidy Karam Reveals Her Views About Motherhood And Parenting.

There are so many cliches and stereotypes regarding motherhood. You may be a working mother or a stay-at-home mom, you may be allowing screen time or avoiding it all together. You could have resolved to “the-cry-it-out” method or may still be co-sleeping with your 5 years old son. We are all different and we are all trying our best. We can ditch all those labels and accept that with all the differences, we all have so much in common… especially if we are Egyptian Mothers. We wanted to know how is it like to be a celebrity mother, so we asked the truly beautiful (inside and out) actress, Heidy Karam, few questions about motherhood. With an intersting mix of sarcasm and pure honesty, she replied to us in those upcoming videos. Let’s hear her opinion of whats common between Egyptian Mothers in this first video:


Stay tuned for the upcoming videos.


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