Egypt’s First Locally Crafted Diaper Bags

One of ideas that have been taking over my thoughts lately is “Conscious Parenting”. What steps can I take or changes I can make to minimize the damage of our modern lifestyle on the environment. From trying to minimize my use of plastic to introducing environmental awareness to my toddler, I came to realize that one of the biggest challenges of our time is mass production. In an attempt to minimize purchases of mass-produced items, I started researching what are the small business that are producing locally crafted items that can be interesting to other parents who are keen on leading a more conscious lifestyle. That’s how I came across the gorgeous Majka bags to discover that they are the first locally crafted/ high quality diaper bags in Egypt.

5047D44F-94AD-4E9A-B0E6-2E9BD22F8719Driven by their desire to design their own fun yet practical changing bags, Reem & Mai – the sisters behind the newly launched Majka bags, were fully inspired by their kids. The brand’s name Majka itself was inspired by one of their boys’ first words, and coincidently also means “mother” in Serbian / Croatian. The names of all the summer collection’s bags – Tayo, Fiyo, Kwiyo – are also all inspired by their kids’ first words… with two toddlers and two young kids there was plenty to choose from.



The Majka bags are the first locally designed and crafted changing bags. Given the lack of hip and practical changing bags out there, they made sure their designs are full of colours, and made to fit all a mom needs with lots of compartments and pockets – all without it being the oversized diaper bag we’re used to seeing.

To all moms-to-be, new moms & moms of young kids, please feel free to check their page

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