NASH : High Quality and Affordable Children’s Pajamas

Prices ! Everyone is complaining about prices. Well, since literally everything became overpriced, one of the things I heard endless complains about is the prices of children’s pajamas. Finding good quality and affordable pajamas should be one of the least things to worry about, but thats not the case. That’s why three Egyptian mothers decided to start a new business to produce locally made fine children’s pajamas to solve this problem.


Nash is a brand for pajamas and comfort apparel. It is 100% Egyptian made by three mothers Heba Fathallah, Ola Hany and Haidy Sorour. The idea started after experiencing, as mothers, the raise in all imported pajamas prices while the Local pajamas lacked the quality and style. So the three mothers thought it’s time to introduce to the Egyptian Market pajamas with high quality and reasonable prices that can very well compete with the imported ones. This was very challenging due to the amounts that they produce verses the minimum quantity needed for a print house to accept to do printing.


Their aim is to ensure that every piece is made with very high quality and given all the attention to details.


Here is The Facebook page:

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