How to Dress Your Baby Bump – With Pacinthe Badran

Pregnancy may not be the most flattering phase for any woman in terms of style and looks. But it doesn’t have to be the worst either. Most maternity clothes are rather boring. With the bloating and the extra weight you might feel that it’s not even worth trying. But the gorgeous pregnant fashion designer and style blogger Pacinthe Badran can change your perception about how you can still be fashionable and sexy with the bump.


Hi Pacinthe, congratulations for the pregnancy. Tell us, does your second pregnancy feel any different from your first?

Oh yes! Being pregnant with no responsibilities is nothing compared to being pregnant with a toddler and having a demanding business.


How challenging is it to be pregnant while you have a toddler and your work responsibilities?

It’s that limited amount of energy that you struggle to distribute correctly. And the times where exhaustion takes over but there is no room or time to rest. It’s really hard. 


We love the way you wear your bump with style and grace. Let’s talk about those first months when the tummy looks more bloated than pregnant. How did you choose your outfits?

I chose looser fits, cuz that early baby bump makes u look fat not cute! But always having a skinny element in the outfit to avoid a too much boho look.

Then how about when the bump appears, would you go for tummy hugging clothes or loose to hide it?

I would go with a figure hugging base then a loose layer. Like an over sized jacket or a summer coat on top.

How to shop for those pregnancy months?

It’s challenging, I don’t look for maternity clothes except for pants, I try to find dresses with lycra, then if not I go a couple of sizes bigger.


Heels are almost impossible to wear during this phase, how do you mix casual shoes with nice dresses without creating a contradicting look?

Sneakers have been my best friend for a long time now! Thank God they’re on trend! I pair them with almost every style and it works!


How about make up for those tired mornings? Any tricks?

A good BB cream!


What would you say to other expecting mothers to keep them motivated?

“This too shall pass!”. No really you’ll surprise yourself with how much more energy you gain in terms of making things happen, taking care of everybody and getting things done. Just DON’T forget about yourself!




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