Inspiring Mompreneur no 8: Malak El Ezzawy

Mompreneur no 8: Malak El Ezzawy
Designer and Founder of ‘Malak El Ezzawy’ Fashion line

She’s talented. Her designs are hip and trendy. She dresses celebrities. But how did it all start ? After finishing her Diploma in Fashion Design in Paris, Malak started working in her Grandmother’s atelier in 2008. Even though she could have just learnt the tricks of the trade from her grandma, who has been working in the evening wearing industry for many years, Malak wanted to take her passion for designing to a new level. She started her career with a fashion show that was the talk-of-the-town. It was held at the Baron palace, with over 70 dresses showcasing her talent. Now 10 years later, she is still the talk-of-the-town. We can’t help but wonder, how was her work affected after having children.

How did your work change after having children?
Everything changed, I used to stay late at work, till 6 or 7 till I finish, now I have to get everything done before I pick up my son from nursery. I have to schedule my appointments early.

Mai Omar in a Malak El Ezzawy dress

How do you balance between the demands of your work and your family?
I try to manage. I discovered that it is much easier when I have a routine to follow. I have to finish my work between the ‘drop of’ and ‘pick up’ of my son. Then I dedicate my time for my house and my family. You have to be wise regarding time management and allocation of efforts. When I have an event or a fashion show coming us, I have to push my work further.

What are the qualities that helped you succeed?
Persistence, a bit of stubbornness, optimism and passion in what I do.

Tara Emad in a Malak El Ezzawy dress

What advice would you give to any mother who wants to start her own business?
Go for it. You can do it. Set your priorities and divide your time accordingly. Work hard and push more.


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